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Each year we wait eagerly for spring and new beginnings. Our trees and shrubs are now in a period or dormancy, but we can do many things to help prepare them for a healthy and productive growing season.

Fertilizing for established trees and shrubs. Fertilizer can be applied on a cycle of approximately every 3 years. The best way to determine deficiencies in soil is through soil testing. Adding a layer of compost adds some nutrients, but more importantly enriches soil. Compost encourages growth of a soil food web including humus, beneficial fungi, and moisture balance.

Dormant oil sprays that target overwintering pests especially scale insects such as magnolia and euonymus scale. This low impact treatment smothers emerging crawlers without significantly damaging populations of beneficial insects.

Magnolia Scale

Soil drenches can be applied to combat tenacious issues such as scales, viburnum leaf beetle and boxwood psyllid.

Anti-Fungal sprays are ideally applied as the buds of crabapple trees begin to break dormancy. Damage to the leaves is not visible until well into the growing season when they become yellowed and brown and drop to the ground.

Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Careful planning and preparation can add years to the life of your trees and shrubs as well as add to the beauty and joy they bring us.


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